About us

Each beer has a story

Craft beers are much more than just a refreshing beverage, each beer has a story to tell. Our tasty dishes will elaborate on these tales and are designed to complement the spicy taste of barley/wheat and hops. It is also part of our mission to educate our clientèle about the brewing process, the different types of beer and also to help you discover the rich fragrances, aromas and tastes locked away in each beer you order.

We are dedicated to directing our efforts and actions in such a way as to promote our vision and our mission.

Our vision

To promote the craft brewing industry in South Africa and serve as an accessible outlet for these specialist brewers.

Our mission

To create a friendly environment for the public to acquaint themselves with a wide variety of craft beers. To deliver quality products and excellent service to the public. To serve top quality foods which will complement the craft beer experience. To educate the public about the craft industry and promote involvement.

The Founders

Capital Craft Beer Academy Founders - Johan
Capital Craft Beer Academy Founders - Willie
Capital Craft Beer Academy Founders - Henk
Capital Craft Beer Academy Founders - Niel